Sicily, where everything is possibile: myths, leggends and stories.
The unreal is confused with reality, light, sun, air, sea, colours, the scent of drange blossom, jasmin and broom, flowers make Sicily a marvellous island.
Anna and Mimmo have the pleasure to welcome at their B&B “Torre del Grifo”, which is found between Mascalucia and Nicolosi, at about 600 m above sea level, 10 km away from Catania and 4 from mount Etna. A cottage surrounded with mediteranean vegetation, olives, brooms...
Three rooms, one of which is equipped for the disabled, a big parking area iside, a solarim with a spacidus children’s play ground.
The “ Grifone” is a mythical lion with wings, its head and wings are those of an eagle which looks after its tower.